Doula Services

I customize my doula services depending on my clients’ wishes.

newborn-216723_960_720I have ten years of experience working with parents-to-be as a doula. And I am also a certified childbirth educator and trained home-birth midwife. So, you get more experience and education when you hire me than you would get from a typical doula. My extra knowledge and experience are particularly valuable for clients with special concerns about their pregnancies. For them, I offer the extra time and support wanted and needed. I am by my client’s side in labor and birth to give  continuous emotional and physical support.

More and more birth professionals agree that continuous doula support improves labor and delivery outcomes for mother and baby.

In February 2014 the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said, “Continuous labor support, including support provided by doulas, is one of the most effective ways to decrease the cesarean rate.”


Birth Doula package

I will provide the following doula services before birth: 

  • Meet with you at least two times before your birth
  • Spend the time needed to discuss your medical history and birth preferences …so that you can feel certain that I always have your best interests at heart
  • Teach you how to cope with pain in labor … so that you maximize the chances you will have the birth you want
  • Help you develop a postpartum care plan … so that you and your new family have the best beginnings possible


During your birth my services include:

  • Being available when you need me in labor, on the phone or in person
  • Making your physical environment comforting  … so that you feel protected and honored.
  • Reminding you of non-medical techniques for pain relief
  • Helping you consider your options if something unexpected occurs
  • Staying with you throughout labor and birth
  • Helping establish skin-to-skin care and breastfeeding

What Is A Doula

Doula care after your baby is born includes:

  • At least one hospital visit – to check in with you and your baby and to discuss the birth
  • Two visits in your home after the birth so you get hands-on help in the “babymoon” period
  • Help locating new parents’ groups and professional resources to help you fully recover from birth


Birth Doula Services for Complex Pregnancies Include:

  • Medical high-risk clients, with gestational diabetes, history of prematurity or previous PTSD, anxiety and other emotional challenges
  • FTMs (First Time Moms), OCs (Older Moms), Teen Moms
  • Extra prenatal visits and email reassurance
  • Meetings with your provider if you wish

Here’s a selected list of courses, seminars, and trainings I have attended.