Childbirth Education

Childbirth education helps you learn about choices in labor and birth.

Giving birth is a life-changing event that requires mental, physical and emotional energy.  You probably will experience pregnancy and birth only a few times in your life. So learn as much as you can from people and books and the internet. Taking a high-quality childbirth education course is an important step in preparing you for what you might encounter.

I bring my training as a birth doula and home-birth midwife to my classes. But you are the most important part of childbirth education. Together we will explore the range of options that you have. I will show you the way by giving you sources for evidence-based information. And I will share a shortcut for making the easy and hard decisions about labor and birth. This is your birth and the more you do your homework, the better prepared you will be.


I offer a 6- hour weekend “express” class for busy parents at Cultivate and Nest in Hadley, western Massachusetts and a 12-hour class at the same location and in my home in Northampton, Mass. on 2 Sundays in a row. To arrange a private class, call me at 413 695-3553.

image Copyright © Ireland's Baby Show.

image Copyright © Ireland’s Baby Show.

Next Express Childbirth Education Class:

At my home; contact me for more information

Total of 6 hours of class; $125 per family unit
Individual families and groups

Contact me at 413 695-3553




 My classes are energetic and fun. No matter the length of time, you will:

  • Learn information in visual, interactive ways to stimulate your learning
  • Engage in hands-on exercises that you will remember in labor
  • Learn a technique to help make important decisions
  • Explore ideas about parenting and compare notes with others

Every class covers 5 Modules 

  1. Preparing you, your body & your mind for pregnancy and labor
  2. Caring for yourself and your baby in pregnancy
  3. Learning pain-coping techniques for a typical labor
  4. Understanding decisions, interventions and complications for some births
  5. Learning how to care for yourself and your baby after birth


Module Outline for Childbirth Education